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Provincial Grand Chapter Websites

Obtain your own Website for the Royal Arch

Provincial Grand Chapter Websites

Over recent years Freemasonry has seen an increase of R.A. Chapters developing websites and using modern technology to promote their activities, both inside and outside of the Chapter Room.

The Worcestershire Provincial Grand Chapter recognises the benefits of this medium and embraces the activities of these web masters, so long as the applicable guidelines and recommendations are strictly adhered to, in accordance with the standards set by the Prov Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Chapter of Worcestershire.

How to Publish a R.A. Chapter Website

It is necessary for all R.A. Chapters in this Province who wish to publish a website of their own to follow the steps outlined below:

All Lodge and Chapter websites in the Province of Worcestershire must gain formal approval from the United Grand Lodge of England.

When designing a Masonic website, care must be taken to ensure it complies with the standard set by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire and Provincial Grand Chapter of Worcestershire. This standard has been developed to reflect that set by the United Grand Lodge of England and the experience gained by the Worcestershire Web Masters' and Internet Group

The standard set by the Prov. Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Chapter of Worcestershire comprises mandatory and recommended sections. All websites in the Province must adhere to the statements in the mandatory section of the standard; adherence to the statements in the recommended section is advisable but not essential.

The standard procedure guideline document can be found here This will give information of what must be prepared before starting work on your website, and should be implemented by the web master in connection with the Chapter members.

If not already a member, the web master should join the Worcestershire Web Masters' and Internet Group as outlined in the standard.

Once completed, the site must be submitted to the Web Masters' Group for approval and must ultimately gain the approval of the Grand Superintendent. This is done by sending the full url address of the site, together with contact details of the web master responsible. For R.A. Chapter sites, the applicable contact is E.Comp. Robin Symes, who will review the website and produce a report for your web master (copied to the M.E.G.S.) outlining any aspects of the website which may infringe upon the standard guidelines, thus reducing the risk of a Charter Mark being refused on submission to U.G.L.E.

After any necessary changes have been made, your website can then be submitted to U.G.L.E., who will, after due consideration, issue your Charter Mark and instructions as to how it is to be displayed.

It is hoped that these guidelines will in due course ensure that the Worcestershire Province not only has a wide range of interesting, informative and well produced websites, but that all will comply fully with the standard instructions from U.G.L.E..