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Visiting Foreign Grand Chapters

Companions Wishing to Visit a Chapter Meeting Abroad

Visiting Foreign Grand Chapters

Before you pack your Chapter Regalia, check first, or you may end up just paying for extra baggage! The Supreme Grand Chapter of England does not formally recognise other Grand Chapters.

The Supreme Grand Chapter of England accepts Companions from foreign Grand Chapters as regular, as long as that foreign Grand Chapter is approved by the Grand Lodge of that same country, which, in turn, must be recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England. A list of the recognised Grand Lodges can be found on the United Grand Lodge of England website.

Communications with Grand Chapters

Companions wishing to visit Chapter meetings abroad should avoid becoming involved with irregular Royal Arch bodies. Therefore they should first check (preferably in writing) with the Grand Scribe Ezra's Office at Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ before making Masonic contact overseas.

As with Craft Freemasonry, the Masonic Convention is that communications between Grand Chapters be performed by the Grand Scribes Ezra. Companions should therefore not attempt to make direct contact with the Grand Scribe Ezra of another Constitution without permission.

The travelling Companion should take his Grand Chapter Certificate and Clearance Certificate from his Chapter(s) with him when he has been given permission to visit Chapters abroad.

English Constitution Chapters should also check with the Grand Scribe Ezra's Office before hosting a Companion from an overseas Chapter, ensuring that their visitor is from an acceptable Constitution. The visiting Companion must have his Grand Chapter Certificate with him and a Clearance Certificate from his Chapter(s), or alternatively, his Dues Card.

As an additional requirement, Companions visiting from the Swedish or Scandinavian Rite must, in addition to the above requirements, have completed their Sixth Degree in that system in order to qualify to attend an English Royal Arch meeting.