Colin Brown

Most Excellent

Grand Superintendent

Chapter Scribes Ezra

To send the following Returns

Chapter Scribes Ezra

Particular attention is directed to the Book of Royal Arch Regulations with which Companions should make themselves fully conversant.

As required by the Royal Arch Regulations and Provincial By Laws:-

  1. To the Prov.Grand Scribe E, a Return of contributing members (Forms L. & P.) to December 31st or the date agreed between the Chapter and the Grand Scribe E.

    These forms and copies of the Royal Arch Regulations are obtained from the Grand Scribe E.

  2. To the Provincial Grand Scribe E a similar Return with Fees and Annual Dues to the date of your installation Meeting. This Return also forms the basis of the information required by the Year Book Committee.

    Annual Dues to Provincial Grand Chapter are payable as follows:-

    Annually, each sum as shall be notified from time to time by the Provincial Grand Scribe E, for every subscribing member, whether in arrears or not.

    A member in arrears shall be returned with the words "in arrears" written against his name, and when arrears are received, this shall be noted against the members name.

    Every name that appeared on the previous Return must be accounted for. When a members ceases to contribute the cause must be stated in the next Return, whether it be Resignation. Death or Exclusion. No Companion's name can be erased from the list of members (unless he dies or resigns) under Chapter By-Laws. He can only be excluded in strict compliance with the requirements of B.C. 148 or 181.

  3. To the Grand Scribe E, immediately after the Installation Meeting a Retum of the Principals and Past Principals (Form L.R.A.3) who claim the right to sit and vole in Grand Chapter.

  4. To the Provincial Grand Scribe E, a copy of the audited accounts of the Chapter with the Summons for the Convocation at which they are to be presented.

  5. To the Hon. Secretary of the Library and Museum Committee within seven days of election the name and address of the Representative.

  6. To the Provincial Grand Scribe E. prompt notification on the demise of a Past Principal.

  7. To issue the summons for every Convocation to the Members seven clear days before the appointed day of meeting and forward five copies to the Provincial Office for the Grand Superintendent, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, the Provincial Second and Third Grand Principals and the Provincial Grand Scribe E.

  8. To forward to the Provincial Office, within 14 days of the change, any MODIFICATION FORM PGC1 (Change in existing Membership status _ Death, Resignation, Exclusion, Honorary, Change of Address, elc.) andlor MODIFICATION FORM PGC2I3 (Exaltee or Joining Member) as appropriate. Please DO NOT wait until the next Annual Return to provide this information.

  9. To send a copy of the summons for the Installation Meeting to the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies at his private address, as shown at the front of this section.

  10. To send a copy of the summons, with an acceptance card, for every Meeting to the Provincial Representative to the Chapter at his private address.

  11. If the Grand Superintendent or the Deputy or the Second or Third Grand Principals are not present at any convocation, then apologies should be given automatically at the second Rising.

  12. To interleave a copy of the summons which must refer to every business on the Agenda, in the Minute Book.

  13. To see that a Companion's Grand Chapter Certificate is handed to and signed by him in open Chapter, and a record including the number of the Certificate, made in the Minutes.

  14. The Scribe E. should always have at hand copies of the Royal Arch Regulations, the By-Laws of the Chapter and Provincial Grand Chapter.

  15. A printed copy of the Royal Arch Regulations and the By-Laws of the Chapter must be given to every Companion when he becomes a member.

  16. When a Companion ceases to be a member under Rule 148 and 181 B.C., the Scribe E. shall forthwith notify the Grand Scribe E. and the Provincial Grand Scribe E., and forward a computer modification Form RJM/3 to the Provincial Office.

  17. Amendments to By-Laws (Refer to Rule 136 BC. The procedure outlined also refers to Chapters.

  18. All communications for Grand Chapter should be forwarded to the Provincial Office for transmission and not sent direct to the Grand Scribe E. This does not apply to Annual Returns, Installation Returns and Forms for Grand Chapter Certificates.

  19. All communications for the Grand Superintendent must be sent to the Provincial Grand Scribe E.

  20. Fee payable for a Dispensation is £10.00.

  21. Cheques to be made payable to Provincial Grand Chapter of Worcestershire.