Colin Brown

Most Excellent

Grand Superintendent

Provincial Grand Chapter Obituary

Past Members of Worcestershire Provincial Chapters

The custom of paying a parting tribute of respect to departed merit derives from a deep-seated and most natural feeling in the human heart. So it is with great sadness we report here the passing on of Worcestershire Royal Arch Masons. They will all be greatly missed not only by family and friends but also their fellow Masonic Companions.

Obituary April 2018 - March 2019

  • Comp. D. E. Williams - St. Edburgha RA Chapter No.4621
  • Comp. H. L. Williams - Semper Fidelis RA Chapter No.529
  • E. Comp. G. A Ketley, P.Pr.G.Swd.B. - Stability RA Chapter No. 564
  • Comp. K V Stooke - Vernon RA Chapter No.560
  • E. Comp. P C Summers, P.Prov.G.Soj. - St Michael RA Chapter No.1097
  • E. Comp. Hugh Meredith, P.Pr.G.S.N., Certificate of Merit. - Wyche RA Chapter No.3638
  • Comp. G C B Lee - Lapal RA Chapter No.6031
  • E. Comp. Francis Beech, P.Pr.G.S.N. - Brandwood RA Chapter No.7679
  • E. Comp. B P Simpson, P.Pr.G.S.N. - Wigornia RA Chapter No. 4935