Colin Brown

Most Excellent

Grand Superintendent

RA Lodge Representatives Quarterly Newsletter.

May 2014.

E. Comp. Michael G Taylor, PAGSoj. Introduction from the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. Michael G Taylor, PAGSoj. Having been recently Installed as Deputy Grand Superintendent I was delighted to be asked to write the introduction to this newsletter.

But first let me pay tribute to my predecessor, E Comp Geoff Weston, who retired as Deputy Grand Superintendent at the Provincial Grand Chapter meeting on 12 April. Geoff undertook all of his duties as Deputy to the highest standard. Especially, he was instrumental in getting the Province to focus once again on the important role of the Lodge Royal Arch Representative.

Whilst I have taken over as Deputy Grand Superintendent, the task of overseeing Reps is to be led by E Comp John Phenix. John is an extremely capable and well known Royal Arch Mason. Now our Third Provincial Grand Principal, he was for many years Provincial Director of Ceremonies and served as Provincial Junior Warden in the Craft in 2011/12. The Craft and the Royal Arch are said to be indissolubly linked. Our Rulers in London certainly perceive and manage it as such. We are told that together the messages in the Craft and Royal Arch ritual form one complete story and that without completing that story by joining the Royal Arch, it is like reading a book but deciding not to read the last chapter. Yet many Craft Masons choose not to complete the story.

Now there are many good reasons why they may not join the Royal Arch and I certainly do not believe that anyone should be made to feel bad for not joining. But it is the responsibility of all of us to let them know that Royal Arch is there and that many of them will derive a greater understanding of the message and a greater enjoyment of all of their Masonry by joining. As a Lodge Representative you are in a special position to do this. I wish you well in your endeavours.

Supreme Grand Chapter ~ National News & Events


Thursday 1st May 2014

Once again a resolute group of members of the Province attended the Quarterly Communication of Supreme Grand Chapter to witness first-hand the excellent Appointments and Promotions of members of our Province.


  • E. Comp. Keith M Evans, Prov.D.C., was appointed Grand Standard Bearer, together with
  • E. Comp. Barry J Griffin, and A John Yeates to Past Grand Standard Bearer.


E. Comp. Robert C. Vaughan, P.G.St.B., promoted to Deputy Grand Sword Bearer and E. Comp. Richard G. H. Goddard, P.G.Swd.B.,, to be Past Grand Scribe Nehemiah, the highest accolade and promotion below the Principal Officers.

Provincial Grand Chapter

Provincial News & Important Events

The Annual Convocation was very well supported especially given that there was a full change in the Executive Team, E. Comp. Geoffrey R Weston retiring as Deputy Grand Superintendent, being replaced by Michael G Taylor. E. Comp Michael D Cox being appointed Second Provincial Grand Principal and E. Comp. John Phenix to Third Provincial Grand Principal. This being followed by the Appointments and Promotions of many very worthy Companions in the Province. (Remember to mention those in your Lodge who may have been so recognised)

Next Major Event

The Provincial RA Executive Team will be in attendance and manning our stand at the “Beyond the Craft” Fair being held at Kings Heath on Thursday 29th May. Free Refreshments will be available. This is an ideal opportunity for you as the Lodge RA Representative to encourage and perhaps accompany any Master Masons in your Lodge who have expressed an interest or who you think would like to learn more about our wonderful Order. There is no need to book, just bring them along and let them see what is available and why it is so important that they consider joining the Holy Royal Arch as their next step. The dress is informal .

Local News

  1. As always a large number of Chapters will have held their Installation Convocations. Indeed many may have held their last Meetings before the Summer Break. However you should never miss the opportunity to promote those Brethren in your Lodge who may have been Installed as a Principal or as an Officer of their Chapter for the forthcoming year. This will allow those Master Masons who have yet to take the final step to identify them and perhaps talk to them as to why they joined and what they do.

  2. Offer congratulations to any member of the Lodge who has recently been exalted.

  3. Offer congratulations to any member of the Lodge who received a Provincial Appointment or Promotion at the Provincial Annual Convocation in April.

  4. Finally try to “sell” the importance for Master Masons to join. Companions please give a little thought to the next opportunity you have when asked to report as the Lodge Royal Arch Representative. Standing up when requested and saying “There is nothing to Report” is not really an option. There is always something you can report on and we are urging you please to ensure you do.
    You hold and indeed are recognised by the Provincial Executive to hold a very important position in our communication chain. We recognise you are at the “coalface” and really rely on you to expose those “nuggets” who are our future Exaltees.
    If you need any help or assistance then please do not hesitate to contact your Local RA Rep Co-ordinator or place a question on the RA Website which the Information Officer will be delighted to investigate and find, if possible, a satisfactory answer.
    For those of you who like to conduct research and would like to learn more about the Royal Arch in Worcestershire and the role of Supreme Grand Chapter please visit the Royal Arch Provincial Website:

Finally thank you all for your work this year and we will issue our next Newsletter in September at the start of our new Season.