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Installation Convocation of Avon Chapter.

Installation Convocation of Avon Chapter

On Wednesday 27th June some 31 Companions mustered at the Evesham Masonic Hall to enjoy the Installation Convocation of Avon Chapter.

The Chapter have been going through a difficult period and, in consequence, and following the resignation of J, the 1st and 2nd Principals were proclaimed and E. Comp. Paul Emerson was Installed into the Chair of J.

The Provincial Team, led by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. Colin P T Brown, comprised E. Comp. Ian M Fothergill, PGStdB., PPrGJ, E. Comp. Derek W. Owen, PGStdB., PPrGJ, accompanied by E. Comp. Alan Bolton, Prov ADC on his first night out.

He had also arranged for his own group of supporters in the form of E. Comp. Tim Jones, PGStdB., Prov DC, E. Comp. Mike Hadden, Prov DepDC and E. Comp. David Shrimpton, Prov AGDC.

E. Comp. Ian Fothergill had the pleasure of presenting SGC's to Comp's. David Yeates and Graham Hobby.

The assembled company enjoyed a very good evening and it was very pleasing to hear a Candidate being Proposed. Our picture shows:

The Provincial Team with E. Comp's. Brian Newbury, Z, George Lamb, H and Paul Emerson J.

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