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Worcestershire Installed First Principals

Annual Installation Convocation

Wednesday 20th June saw the 69th Annual Installation Convocation of Worcestershire Installed First Principals held at Kings Heath with an attendance in excess of 75 Companions. It turned out to be a most successful evening which saw a galaxy of Current and Past Provincial Grand Superintendents accompanied by Deputy Grand Superintendents and 2nd and 3rd Prov Grand Principals attending to witness the Installation of:

E. Comp. Colin P T Brown, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent as Z, E. Comp. John R Gaston, PPrGSN, as H and E. Comp. L Eric Bourne, PAGSoj as J. The Installing Officer was E. Comp. Colin V Young, PGStdB.

The ceremony, as should be expected from the Premier Lodge in the Province, went extremely well and the incoming Z congratulated the Installing Officer on both his performance and the longevity of his tour of duty, (6 months, caused by a vehicle failure on the Motorway on Installation day last year).

Our pictures show the Principals of the Chapter accompanied by the Dep G Sup, E Comp. John Phenix, PAGSoj, together with the 2nd and 3rd Provincial Grand Principals, E. Comp's A John Yeates, PGStdB, 2nd and E. Comp. Rev Justin T Parker, PGStdB, 3rd. all under the very watchful eye of E. Comp. T. M. L. Jones, PGStdB, ProvDC.

The second picture shows our galaxy of visitors: what can only be described as a real "Chain Gang." E. Comp's, P A Taylor, MEGS,( Shrop)., P L. Hall, MEGS (Warks), G. C. King, Past MEGS (Gloucs & Here), P. Gough, DepGS, (Warks), D. Kettle, DepGS (Shrop), G. R. Weston, Past DepGS, J. R. Emms,Prov H (Warks), P. F. Diggins, Past PrH (Gloucs & Here), MEZ 1st Principals Chapter (Gloucs & Here), J. D. Evans, Prov J (Warks), H D Butterworth, PastGJ (Warks).

A real Chain Gang   

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