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Grand Superintendent

Meeting Places

Meeting Placesof Worcestershire Provincial Grand Chapters

There are fourteen different meeting places throughout the Province where Royal Arch Chapters meet to hold their Regular Convocations. Click a column header to sort by that field, or search for your chapter below.

Some of the Chapters listed here have their own individual websites, you will see the links underlined as you mouse over the names.

Chapter Name Chapter Number Meeting Place
Abbot Lichfield R.A. Chapter 3308 Evesham Masonic Hall
Arter R.A. Chapter 2654 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
Avon R.A. Chapter 3569 Evesham Masonic Hall
Bordesley Abbey R.A. Chapter 4495 Redditch Masonic Hall
Brandwood R.A. Chapter 7679 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
Bromsgrove R.A. Chapter 5414 Kidderminster Masonic Centre
Campbell R.A. Chapter 3643 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
Francis Burgess R.A. Chapter 9287 Northfield Masonic Hall
Kings Norton R.A. Chapter 4001 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
Lapal R.A. Chapter 6031 Halesowen Masonic Hall
Lechmere-Hughes Volunteer R.A. Chapter 1874 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
Masefield R.A. Chapter 2034 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
Merston Culy R.A. Chapter 6879 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
Mosaic R.A. Chapter 5028 Dudley Masonic Hall
Northfield R.A. Chapter 5056 Northfield Masonic Hall
Old Bromsgrovian Chapter 5743 Bromsgrove School, Bromsgrove
Page R.A. Chapter 3378 Worcester Masonic Hall
Perseverance R.A. Chapter 573 Halesowen Masonic Hall
R.A. Chapter of Dudley 252 Dudley Masonic Hall
R.A. Chapter of Hope and Charity 377 Kidderminster Masonic Hall
R.A. Chapter of St. Michael 1097 Tenbury Wells, Masonic Hall
R.A. Chapter of Stability 564 Talbot Hotel, Stourbridge
R.A. Chapter of the Round Table 7961 Northfield Masonic Hall
Red Rose of St George RA Chapter 5691 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
Remembrance R.A. Chapter 8323 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
Royal Standard R.A. Chapter 498 Dudley Masonic Hall
Royds R.A. Chapter 1204 Malvern Masonic Hall
Sabrina R.A. Chapter 6595 Worcester Masonic Hall
Semper Fidelis R.A. Chapter 529 Worcester Masonic Hall
Severn R.A. Chapter 5583 Stourport-on-Severn Masonic Hall
St. Edburgha R.A. Chapter 4621 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
St. Wulstan's R.A. Chapter 280 Worcester Masonic Hall
Stechford R.A. Chapter 3185 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
Vernon R.A. Chapter 560 Stourport-on-Severn Masonic Hall
Weatheroak R.A. Chapter 7214 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
White Ensign Chapter 9169 Redditch Masonic Hall
Wigornia R.A. Chapter 4935 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
Woodlands R.A. Chapter 6116 Kings Heath Masonic Hall
Worcestershire Installed First Principals R.A. Chapter 6889 Worcester Masonic Hall
Wyche R.A. Chapter 3638 Worcester Masonic Hall