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Those who presided at the First or Holy Temple were Moses, Aholiab, and Bezaleel, but who were Aholiab and Bezaleel?


The book of Exodus tells the story of the time the Lord spoke to Moses and told him how the Jews were to live, he taught them how to pray, and he also gave instruction in how a moving temple to his glory was to be built and thus the tabernacle was formed.

The Lord also gave Moses instruction in the colours to be used in the fabric of the Tabernacle. Those colours were Red, Purple and Blue. Or Blue, Purple and Scarlet depending on which version of the Bible you read.

These colours were said to represent the elements. Red for fire, Purple for the sea as the blood of shellfish dyes it, and Blue for the sky. The lord chose Aholiab and Bezaleel, names from our ritual but only mentioned at the dining table, to prepare and sew the cloth for the tabernacle.

Like Hiram Abif they were skillful craftsmen and were two of the three Grand Originals.

Your Royal Arch Certificate:

What is not often, if at all, mentioned during the presentation of your Royal Arch Certificate

What is not often, if at all, mentioned during the presentation of your Royal Arch Certificate is that the object occupying the centre of the certificate is not the double cube or pedestal that we are accustomed to see in the Chapter room.

It is the type of pedestal that stands before the Worshipful Master’s chair or, in some old lodges still, as a separate item of furniture on the floor of a lodge, used for the obligating of candidates.

If you were not aware the old practice then was to set a miniature form of the double cube upon such a pedestal and so signify that a completing stage of Masonry was about to be experienced.

That, if nothing else, confirms the very old practice of conferring the Holy Royal Arch in a Craft setting. And its indelible connection to the Craft.