Colin Brown

Most Excellent

Grand Superintendent

Distinguished Royal Arch Companions

Above and Beyond, and in the Fullness of Time.

Distinguished Royal Arch Companions

The Royal Arch Chapter of Worcestershire is proud and honoured to record the names of these distinguished members in respect of their outstanding services to the Province, and in recognition of a lifetime of 50 or 60 years shared in our history.

Below you will find the appropriate protocol, details, rules and regulations of how to apply to the Province.

Recipient of the M.E. Grand Superintendent's Certificate of Merit

This Certificate, first introduced in 2006, is awarded by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent for long, outstanding and meritorious service to the Province.

  • Awarded 2006 E.Comp. H.B. Siddall, P.Pr.G.S.N. Perseverance RA Chapter No. 573
  • Awarded 2009 E.Comp. W. Howarth, P.Pr.G.S.N. Campbell RA Chapter No. 3643
  • Awarded 2011 E.Comp. R.S. Pidcock, P.Pr.G.S.N. Victory RA Chapter No. 8506
  • Awarded 2012 E.Comp. A.J. King, P.Pr.G.S.N. Abbot Lichfield Chapter No. 3308
  • Awarded 2013 E.Comp. H. Meredith, P.Pr.G.S.N. Wyche RA Chapter No. 3638
  • Awarded 2014 E.Comp. M.L. Homer, P.Pr.G.S.N. RA Chapter of Stability No. 564
  • Awarded 2015 E.Comp. G.J. Links, P.Pr.G.S.N. Brandwood RA Chapter No. 7679
  • Awarded 2016 E.Comp. M.G. Hardeman, P.Pr.G.S.N. Red Rose of St. George RA Chapter No. 5691

The protocol regarding these Companions is as follows:-

Seating arrangments: Holders of the Certificate of Merit, if not already Grand Officers, should be seated to the right of the Grand Officers. In the absence of the Provincial Representitive and Grand Officers, a Holder will be seated to the right of the Chapter Second Pricipal.

  • In addition to this rank, the Holder of the Certificate in this Province will hold the title of "Holder of the M.E. Grand Superintendent's Certificate of Merit". (The title Cert. Merit Works. may be added after his rank on Chapter summons and other lists.)
  • The Holder will always join in and give greetings from Provincial Grand Chapter in the 2nd and 3rd Risings with Present Provincial Grand Officers.
  • The Holder has NO seating priority at the Festive Board.
  • N.B. Holders are identified in the Year Book by the initials CM after any other Masonic Rank.

Subscribing & Hon. Companions Achieving 50 Years Service

  • Exalted 17/09/1958 E.Comp. A.G. Wright, TD. JP, P.Pr.G.S.N. Bordsley Abbey RA Chapter No. 4495
  • Exalted 20/11/1958 E.Comp. B.M. Cooper, JP, P.G.Supt. Lechmere-Hughes Volunteer RA Chapter No. 1874
  • Exalted 26/11/1959 E.Comp. M.L. Blinkhorn, P.A.G.D.C. Abbot Lichfield Chapter No. 3308
  • Exalted 24/11/1960 E.Comp. Dr. H.J. White, JP, P.Dep.G.Supt. Royal Standard RA Chapter No. 498
  • Exalted 14/02/1955 E.Comp. N.T. Padmore, P.Pr.G.S.N. Bromsgrove RA Chapter No. 5414
  • Exalted 17/10/1963 E.Comp. M.L. Homer, P.Pr.G.S.N. RA Chapter of Stability No. 564
  • Exalted 18/11/1964 E.Comp. A.G. Oxenbury, P.A.G.D.C. Kings Heath RA Chapter No. 3863
  • Exalted 25/05/1966 E.Comp. J. Denton, P.G.StB. Royal Standard RA Chapter No. 498

Subscribing & Hon. Companions Achieving 60 Years Service

  • Exalted 27/09/1951 E.Comp. T.V. Condlyffe, P.G.S.N.,P.Dep.G.Supt., Royal Standard RA Chapter No. 498

Rules for 50 or 60 Year Certificates

  1. The Companion was Exalted 50 or 60 years ago.
  2. The Exaltation may have been in another Province, which has priority to present the Certificate.
  3. The Companion must have been a Subscribing Member of a Worcestershire Chapter, but if they are not a subscribing member at this time they must now be an Honorary Member.
  4. Excluded or Expelled Companions are not included in the criteria.
  5. Sole membership of Worcestershire Installed First Principals Chapter No. 6889 is also included in the criteria, however presentation of Certificates for 50 or 60 years will not be made at such Chapter and alternative arrangements should be made at a Chapter of the recipients choice and by agreement with such Chapter.
  6. Brethren now residing outside the Province of Worcestershire or subscribing to another Province who indicate their desire to receive a Certificate from Worcestershire but presented in their new Province are subject to negotiations between Worcestershire and the other Province.
  7. Brethren who are for a period of time were not Subscribing Members, (i.e. a gap in subscribing membership), should make up the time lost before being considered for a Certificate.
  8. Applications for Certificates must be made to the Provincial Grand Scribe E and is subject to the approval of the M.E. Grand Superintendent.