Colin Brown

Most Excellent

Grand Superintendent

Royal Arch Regulations

Worcestershire Royal Arch

Established by the Supreme Grand Chapter for the Government of the order of Royal Arch Masons of England. The files have been split into two sections for ease of downloading.

General Regulations.

The Royal Arch Regulations taken from the 2009 edition of the Book of Constitutions is available for Download here in pdf format as a read only document. The Jewels, Chains, Apron, Embllem and Shash discribed in the Constitutions can be seen in the Slider below.

Download here

Royal Arch Plates (illustrations).

Appendix containing plates illustrating the Jewels, Chains, Apron, Emblem and Shash authorised by the Forgoing Rules.

  • No.1 First Grand Principal and Pro First Grand Principal.
  • No.2 Second Grand Principal.
  • No.3 Third Grand Principal.
  • No.4 Grand Superintendent.
  • No.5 Section of Grand Officers’ Chain.
  • No.6 President of Committee of General Purposes.
  • No.7 Grand Registrar.
  • No.8 Grand Scribes.
  • No.9 Grand Director of Ceremonies.
  • No.10 Grand Sword Bearer.
  • No.11 Grand Inspector.
  • No.12 Deputy Grand Registrar.
  • No.13 Deputy Grand Scribe E.
  • No.14 Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.
  • No.15 Deputy Grand Sword Bearer.
  • No.16 Principal Grand Sojourner.
  • No.17 Assistant Grand Sojourner.
  • No.18 Grand Treasurer.
  • No.19 Assistant Grand Scribe E.
  • No.20 Grand Standard Bearer.
  • No.21 Grand Organist.
  • No.22 Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.
  • No.23 Grand Janitor.
  • No.24 Past Grand Officer – Emblem varying with office, the whole not more than 2 inches diameter.
  • No.25 Metropolitan Grand Chapter Rank - The whole not more than 2 inches diameter.  Overseas Grand Chapter Rank - The same but with the word ‘Overseas’.  Metropolitan or Overseas Chapter Rank - The same, as the case may be, but without the crown.
  • No.25a Past Metropolitan Grand Officer.
  • No.26 Senior Metropolitan Grand Chapter Rank. The whole not more than 2 inches diameter. Senior Overseas Grand Chapter Rank. The same, but with the words ‘Overseas’ instead of ‘London’.
  • No.26a Deputy Grand Superintendent.
  • No.26b Section of Deputy Grand Superintendent’s Chain. The chain of a Deputy Metropolitan Grand Superintendent is similar.
  • No.26c Assistant Metropolitan Grand Superintendent.
  • No.26d Section of an Assistant Metropolitan Grand Superintendent’s Chain.
  • No.26e Section of a Metropolitan Grand Inspector’s Chain.
  • No.27 Second Provincial or District Grand Principal.
  • No.28 Third Provincial or District Grand Principal.
  • No.28a Section of Second and Third Metropolitan, Provincial or District Grand Principal’s Chain.
  • No.28b Assistant to the Provincial or District Grand Principals.
  • No.29 Provincial or District Grand Officer – Emblem varying with office.
  • No.30 Past Provincial or District Grand Officer – Emblem varying with office, the whole not more than 2 inches in diameter.
  • No.30a Provincial or District Grand Almoner. A scrip-purse, upon which is a heart.
  • No.30b Provincial or District Grand Charity Steward. A trowel.
  • No.31 First Principal.
  • No.32 Second Principal.
  • No.33 Third Principal.
  • No.34 Past First Principal.
  • No.35 Scribes.
  • No.36 Treasurer.
  • No.37 Director of Ceremonies.
  • No.37a Almoner.
  • No.37b Charity Steward.
  • No.38 Principal Sojourner.
  • No.39 Assistant Sojourner.
  • No.40 Assistant Director of Ceremonies.
  • No.41 Organist.
  • No.42 Assistant Scribe E.
  • No.43 Steward.
  • No.44 Janitor.
  • No.45 Centenary Jewel. (Showing example of name, number and date) Bl-CENTENARY BAR (Showing example of dates). To be worn on the ribbon of the Centenary Jewel.
  • No.46 Jewel of The Order. xxxxx the name of the Companion may be engraved here, xxx the date of exaltation may be engraved here.
  • No.47 Apron.
  • No.48 Emblem.
  • No.49 Sash.